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By Luckey's Jewelers, Published 08/16/2016

Diamonds have been around for millions of years, and it has become a tradition to use them in engagement rings for marriage proposals. Let us take you through a few of the more common diamond shapes that will make her eyes light up with love and joy. 

Our collection of diamond engagement rings are made to give you the best color and sparkle to match your budget.




First, we have the round brilliant cut. Simple, elegant, classy. The round cut diamond is the most desired stone and the most expensive cut stone. This particular cut allows for the proper reflection of light to pass, which will give you the most shine and sparkle out of your diamond. Most round diamonds are brilliant cut which consists of 58 facets. Most of the time, you can see 'hearts and arrows' in the round diamonds. 

Check out our brilliant round cut solitaire diamond engagement ring! Be sure to watch the video to get the full effect of it's sparkle.

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring



The princess cut is the second most popular cut shape of diamonds in engagement rings. Those not wanting the traditional round cut would usually go for princess as their first choice. The brilliant princess cut delivers beautiful fire and brilliance close to that of a round shape diamond. 

Here we have our beautiful princess cut yellow diamond earrings and a video of a beautiful princess cut diamond solitaire ring.

Princess Cut Yellow and White Diamond Post Earrings

14k white gold solitaire engagement ring set with a 3/4 carat, F, SI-2, princess diamond




Until more recently, the oval shape diamond has not been very popular, but it is now gaining popularity. While seeming larger than round diamonds, due to their surface area, oval diamonds are generally less costly than round cut. Oval cut diamonds are ideal for more long, slender fingers because of their unique shape. 

Here we have a unique oval diamond ring with a split shank band and a halo. 

Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring



Emerald cut diamonds are unique, vintage-looking stones that will probably never go 'out of style'. They don't have the 'fire' that brilliant cut diamonds have, but their unique flashes of light from the long window-like facets give you something that nothing else can. Because of the shape of this stone, it gives your finger an elongated, slendering look. 

This is one of our emerald cut diamond rings with round diamonds on the shank and a gorgeous emerald cut custom made diamond ring we had done for a customer.

Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Beautiful custom made split shank emerald ring  


There are many other cuts used in diamond engagement rings. Other fancy cuts are not as popular as the ones listed above, but make no mistake, they are all uniquely beautiful from one to the other. 


*Images taken from Google Images

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