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By Taylor Weaks, Published 08/15/2017

Each pre-owned Rolex that makes it into our showcase at Luckey's Jewelers has made quite a journey!

When we first receive a pre-owned Rolex, we scrutinize it while checking many different checkpoints. These checkpoints range from band wear, crystal/dial condition, and onto when was it last serviced, and if it was a quality job.

After the checklist is complete, we then send it into our service department for full refurbishment. At this point, any item that was decided isn't perfect is addressed and brought up to quality standards. Next, each watch will undergo a full service that includes cleaning the watch inside and out, oiling the movement, and regulating it to proper timing constraints. Each watch also undergoes a water-seal test to make sure that it is water resistant and not leaking.

When the preowned Rolex has completed the full process of refurbishment through Luckey's Jewelers, it will look like a brand new watch with zero blemishes! We also warranty all of these watches for a full 2 years after purchase.

If you ever have any questions about a Preowned Rolex timepiece, we'll be glad to assist you!

**This full refurbishing process is available for most Rolex watches that you already own. It begins at $495.**

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