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By Luckey's Jewelers, Published 07/06/2016


So, say you are ready to pop the big question. You've found the woman of your dreams. Now, there's the ring, the where, and the how. It can be quite a lot of pressure on a man!

Don't freak out! We are here to help you with all of your needs. Including ideas of how to pop the question of your life.

But first, there are a few rules you must remember:

  • DON'T FORGET THE RING! (of course)
  • Make sure you have someone there to take photos of your special moment. If she's shy, you may want to have a video camera set up where she can't see it. You will cherish this moment for years to come.
  • Know what she wants. This is important! Talk to her mom, sister, or best friend to get an idea. They are usually 'in the know'.  
  • When should I propose? Day or night? One suggestion: Do not drag it out! You will get nervous and freak out. Sometimes, you will just feel when the moment is right. 
  • Forget about sporting events and the Jumbo-tron. (Unless she's into that, DON'T DO IT!)

Now that we have that out of the way, here are a few ideas on how to make that special moment as special as possible for the both of you.


Some ladies don't want to be the center of attention in front of a bunch of people or even family. Some want that moment to just be you and her and that's completely okay! But that doesn't mean you can't make it special. 

1. Wake up, get engaged.

Wake up before her. Quietly, spread rose petals all over the bed. Light a few candles if you wish. Get back in bed or be on one knee on her side and propose when she wakes up! You will totally suprise her! Then make her breakfast in bed with coffee after she says yes! Or, swap it around. Make her breakfast in bed and have the ring on her tray! 

2. Turn it into a game!

Place different clues around the house or around town and make it a scavenger hunt for her. Involve her family or friends. Make her re-live all of the precious moments you have shared in your relationship. She will just think your being fun and silly until she finds you on one knee holding an engagement ring! Surprise! 

3. Candlelight dinner.

You can never go wrong with a classic! Whether you have a quiet evening with dinner on the beach, at the house, in the backyard, or even at a nice restaurant, each is sure to turn the romance up a notch. If you decide to try this outside of a restaurant, go all out! Light the candles, get rose petals, pour some wine, and cook a nice meal. It doesn't have to be fancy, but try not to cheat and order take out. She will appreciate it more if you put effort into cooking a meal (even if you're not very good at it). Maybe you can run her a nice hot bubble bath with candles and her favorite music. Pull out an outfit for her to wear and have dinner waiting. Whatever you choose, make sure you make it your own. She likes chocolate? Have something chocolate waiting for her. The options are endless. 

4. Involve kids or pets.

Sometimes, a couple will have kids or pets in their lives and they are the center of their world. Why not include them in your proposal? Have the child/children wear a 'Will you marry my daddy' t-shirt or have them bring them a note that says 'Will you marry me'. If you have a pet, tie a note or the ring to the pet's collar. Involving your kids or pets adds that extra emotional aspect that will surely bring on the tears, laughs, and love! There are so many different options when involving those she loves the most. 



Many times, women want all of the attention on them when that special moment arises. They want the crowd of strangers to clap for them or their family and friends to witness. We have a few ideas for these special ladies as well!

5. Take her on a trip.

Take her on a trip that she has been dying to go on. New York, wine country, Disney World, Paris. Whatever it may be, plan it and take off with her. You may even want to bring your closest family and/or friends. Include them if you wish. They can be the photographers to capture this precious moment. Or, surprise them all!

6. Plan a party.

Whether at home, a friend's, or a family member's place, plan to make an announcement and put the attention on you and her. Make a speech if you wish. Toast to her. She will love what you will have to say about how you feel about her to all of your family and friends. Sometimes, you can even do this at a Christmas party or her birthday party. 

7. Go ALL OUT!

If she likes the flashy show, give her the flashy show! I once had a friend that worked at a salon. Her boyfriend wanted to propose to her at their Grand Opening for their new store. So, he got with all of her friends and family and all of her co-workers. They planned an entire song and dance for her and she had no idea! It was fantastic! If you think she would like that, go for it! You don't have to be that ellaborate, but it sure does ensure a "Yes" from her.

Here you can see the entire performance!


These have been just a few of the millions of ideas that are out there for nailing the perfect proposal. But always remember, make it your own. Make it something she will never forget. Make it unique to the both of you and no one else. These are just ideas to help you get a base to begin your proposal planning, so get to the drawing board and make it fabulous



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